About me in Second Life.

I live in the world of Second Life since 05/05/2015 and am almost every day online to live a life without the fears and inhibitions I have in RL (Real Life). SL gives me handouts to re-live my life as it could have been without those limitations. And so I started to think and talk about my limitations. I had to explore my emotions. I had to deal with my bad learning capacities, memory and poor social development. During my SL life I made mistakes and I cried a hundred times, but things have always turned out for the best. 

Subsequently I became apprehensible for the advices to let the past behind me and to be positive. It was an important step. Gradually I gained confidence and towards 2022 I used my limitations to gain confidence and became stronger.  

I do my best to show my good sides. People respect and love me here.

Meanwhile I came aware what our soul is about, in this life and in between lives, How  the spiritual universe works. It makes our lives much better to understand what it is all about. And that is, to become (after many lives) total love and one with, let us call it  "God". The  spiritual energy from which our souls emerged. 

After 2 years of living on a rental sim, 'Simonds and Kidd' of which I am still part of, I went to the BDSM school at House Of Jana. There I graduated both as sub and master. This school emphasised the love and trust that is basic in the world of BDSM and because of that it was one of those rare moments in my life I was really enthusiastic about something I undertook. For a short interim period I was the govenor of the school.

Meanwhile my main interest became making video's from the dances of the Debauche Dancers. It appeared that dancing was what makes me  the most happy and my strongest wish was to become one of the Debauched Dancers. After almost  one year I was admitted to them. It was a wonderful and valuable experience. It played out that Debauche was not the perfect match for me but fortunately, soon after that, in 2019 I could join the Oasis Dancers, which fits me better and I am still with them. My nascent vanity burgeoned and in 2022 I became a Playdoll and model for Playdolls Magazine.  Late 2022 I became model at Whiskey Girls. Models showed their pictures through the group chat and because I always loved to give votes, which is for me the  easiest way to express what I think about something, I started a photo contest for the magazine. .....to be continued.

Lots of dances are inspired by beautiful songs. Songs that releases deep emotions in me. Songs that inspired choreographers to create dances on them; dances that enhance my emotional feelings, and makes me cry. A wonderful experience.

'My Personal Favorites' on my homepage links to a list of my favorite dances, some might not be on the general list. For me it's the easiest way to have quick access to them when I like to play the song.


I live my life in Second Life, so you can contact me there.  I don't do social media.